Abous Nixie Social

A brief history

Nixie Social is an early-stage startup focusing on helping businesses to manage their social media effortlessly. It is a service that enables managers to get on top of their social media by accessing all the information in one place! So, it would be easy to share, interact and look at analytics.

The platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to suggest the best combination of captions and images based on simple prompts. Businesses can also keep track of their progress over time and compare their performance to understand what is working. Lastly, answer customers' questions and concerns with ease.

The first steps of the idea were formed on May 16, 2022 during the RBC EPIC Founders program at the University of Windsor's EPICenter.

In mid-November 2023, the platform underwent a rebranding, changing its name from "Socialization" to "Nixie Social."