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64% of businesses spend 5+ hours weekly to manage social media
— According to Statista

We're Here To Solve It

You Set Up Business Details

Fill out business details: name, about your product or service, and other relevant information. This way we personalize our services to meet your needs.

We Send You Content

Receive tailored content in your mailbox. We offer three types: Calendar events, Industry-specific news, or Promotional content.

You Adjust It & Post

Modify received content using our AI assistant. Then, easily post it or schedule content to Instagram and Facebook.

Take A Look at How It Works

What to Expect

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Tailored Content

You receive ready-to-post content right in your inbox to get on top of social media. Our AI assistant curates the combination of caption and image based on the business details.

AI Editor

Need to customize the content? Do it with a single click. Or, rewrite the caption based on an idea or media file. You save time, ensuring that content is fresh, relevant, and engaging.
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Image of three graphs that shows accounts Reach, Impression, and Profile View over time.


Analytics monitors the reach, impressions, and profile views over time. You compare different channels to see which one performs better.

Choose What Fits You

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Available Channels:  

2 months free
billed monthly
Receive content suggestions with easy-to-use toolsets for further personalization.

1 account per channel

Periodic content (1/week)

AI-enabled editor

Image suggestions

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billed monthly
Receive more content with the toolset to put it on autopilot.

Essential features, plus...

1 account per channel

Receive more content (3/week)

1-click post across platforms

Scheduling posts

Integrated analytics

Improved image suggestion

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billed monthly
Receive ready-to-post contents, tailored for your needs.

Professional features, plus...

Multiple accounts per channel

Receive more content (9/week)

Capture organization voice

AI image generation

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Free SMM Guide

A free beginner guide for small businesses to start the social media journey, and leverage AI tools to reduce their workload.
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